• Merry Christmas!

    20 December 2011 - For all of you: enjoy Christmas and have a splendid new year. See you in 2012!

  • Netlog Backstage

    31 August 2011 - Do you want to know more about your Netlog profile? Now you can! A Backstage Pass gives you access to extensive information on nearly everything that happened on your profile. Backstage Pass also lets you surf anonymously. Go Backstage now!

  • Faster picture browsing

    30 August 2011 - From now on you’ll be able to browse pictures on profiles much faster. All you have to do is click the picture itself and you will immediately see the next image on the profile.
    Enjoy your smooth Netlogging!

  • Vopium offers low cost mobile calls

    12 July 2011 - Vopium teams up with Netlog to provide our users with an easy and inexpensive way to talk across borders using their mobile phones. Try it now!

  • Revamped poker

    10 June 2011 - Gatcha takes your feedback seriously. That's why we've launched a new version of Poker!
    This version is a lot more stable and we hugely improved the functionality of the lobby, game table and gameplay!
    Have fun playing!

  • New Multiplayer zone!

    19 May 2011 - We revamped our multiplayer zone to let you find and challenge your opponents more easily. We also show your online friends and a quick overview of highscores. Remember: more people equals more fun so have a blast!

  • The Royal Wedding

    29 April 2011 - Today's atmosphere is electrifying! The Royal Wedding makes us hold our breath and watch the amazing ceremony in London. For William and Kate, the two happiest people on earth - We wish you a lifetime of beautiful tomorrows! Congratulate William and Kate!

  • Revamped games

    11 April 2011 - We are introducing a new layout of Netlog game pages to enhance your gaming experience. The pages are streamlined and yet they give more detailed info on the games.
    We also improved our multiplayer games. Now it is much easier to challenge one of your friends.
    Make sure to check it all out and have fun!

  • Improved messages!

    11 January 2011 - A while ago we made the private messages system faster and more efficient so you can use it as chat. On the basis of your feedback, we've been working on an enhanced version of the new system. Chatting with more friends at once should be a lot easier now and you can include pictures, videos and links in your messages again. Tell us what you think!

  • Enjoy the holidays!

    23 December 2010 - AT LAST! The end of the year is here! Think of swapping presents, eating till you drop or spending time with your family and friends.
    Netlog wishes you a Merry Xmas and an absolute blast during the New Year's Eve. We also promise that 2011 will be incredible!
    Don't forget to choose on of our Christmas skins to add a festive touch to your profile!

  • Improved picture interface

    2 November 2010 - In our constant quest to improve, simplify and speed up features, we have reworked the picture pages. Pictures now load a lot faster and for the first time ever, you can enjoy full size pictures on Netlog, in a neat new slideshow.
    To make life even more simple for you, we moved all options for managing pictures to your picture page. Edit your pictures while watching. No more round trips to the manage pages!

  • Mobile site

    18 October 2010 - Are you on the move all the time? If so, you are probably using Netlog on your mobile phone. You will be glad to hear that we refreshed the mobile site a bit to make it more clear and usable. We have also added the Explore section, so you can easily browse for new friends and cool pictures. Enjoy!

  • Pendulum rocks Ancienne Belgique Brussels and Netlog

    8 October 2010 - Last Monday was a big day in Brussels. All the tickets for Pendulum's concert in Ancienne Belgique were sold out. 2,000 spectators, who arrived at Ancienne Belgique, were only a part of the whole audience. Thanks to live streaming on Netlog, 13,703 unique vistors from all over the world were able to follow the whole event.
    The concert proved particularly popular in Germany, Austria, Hungary and the UK.
    You appeared to be very enthusiastic about this initiative. It is quite likely that this is not the last videostreamed event for you to follow on Netlog. Stay tuned and keep an eye on the homepage to know more.

  • Import your Messenger or Facebook pictures

    29 September 2010 - Connect your Netlog account with your Messenger or Facebook account to import your pictures. After connecting, your Netlog friends will see what you've been up to on Facebook or Messenger and vice versa.

  • Upload multiple pictures on Netlog!

    16 September 2010 - You can now upload multiple pictures to your profile without downloading and installing any additional software. Try it now!

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