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Tarkan's interview

About me

Tarkan was born in Germany in a Turkish family. When he was thirteen, he and his family moved back to Turkey. As music has always been in his veins, it was no surprise that he decided to study classical music. At the age of eighteen, he worked as wedding singer specialized in classical Turkish music.

Just when he decided to leave Turkey for Germany, to live with his brother, he bumped into a producer. This gathering completely changed his life. His twisted lyrics and naughty image made him famous in Turkey. His second album ‘A-acayipsin’ (‘You Are Amazing’) had been appearing in the Turkish charts for 4 years. He sold more than 2,5 million copies of this album all over Turkey and Europe.

Nevertheless he was already very successful at the time, his international break-through was in 1999. ‘Simarik’ (‘Spoiled’), a.k.a. the ‘Kiss Kiss’ song became summer hit single of the year, for which Tarkan received many awards. The song was also covered by a lot of artists. The best-known cover of the song might be Holly Valance’s ‘Kiss Kiss’.

In 2006, Tarkan released an album in English: ‘Come Closer’. For this album, he co-operated with quite a lot of famous singers and songwriters, i.e. Fugees singer Wyclef Jean and Billy Mann, who also used to write songs for Sting and the Backstreet Boys.

Two years later, he went through a true metamorphosis and released the electro album ‘Metamorfoz’. Even though this is an ‘electro’ album, he didn’t deny his typical Tarkan-style and added influences of hiphop, trance and disco in the songs. ‘Adimi Kalbine Yaz’ (‘Write My Name in Your Heart’) was released in 2010. This latest Tarkan album became a nice mix of different music styles.

Thanks to Tarkan, Turkish music has been more accessible than ever, and on the other has he become an example for many boys and young men in conservative Turkey. CNN compared him to Elvis Presley, as he also had a big influence on the youth in his country.

His new tour promises to be a great mix of old hits and new work. Check for more information and tour dates.